Supporting the local community

In Sri Lanka, for generations, it has been so that the husband provides an income for the family while the wife stays at home and takes care of the children.
In modern day Sri Lanka one income per family just isn't sufficient anymore and both husband and wife will have to take a job.

In rural Sri Lanka, however, traditions are deeply rooted and after the birth of the first child the wife will stay at home to take care of the kids.

With extra mouths to feed and having to miss a salary it is only a matter of time for the family to slide into poverty.
In our training centre we teach the young mothers how to turn our designs into beautifully crafted CeylonPaperPottery.

The advantages are numerous, but the most important ones are the facts that they can work at home and raise the children and run the household while earning that much needed extra income.

We buy their products back at a fair price, and then complete and water proof them in our factory.After a last quality control we pack it and send it of to the four corners of the world.

Mission accomplished!